NYU Langone Medical Center On-Call Cost Estimating

NYU Langone Medical Center On-Call Cost Estimating

Location New York, NY
Project Value $250 million+
Client NYU Langone Medical Center

TCT was retained by NYU Langone Medical Center (NYUL-MC) as the on-call cost estimator to provide cost estimating services for FEMA-related and non-FEMA-related projects. The firm is working with NYULMC’s Real Estate Development + Facilities (RED+F) from design through construction and closeout on projects that range in size from small offices to major hospital and research facilities. The types of projects estimated have included medical research facilities, medical offices, administrative offices, educational space (lecture halls and classrooms), diagnostic and treatment rooms (including applicable medical equipment); operating rooms; acute patient care (including overnight medicine, PACU, ICU, Bone marrow transplant, transplant, urgent care, and ED), plaza/landscape; mechanical, electrical and plumbing; and other general construction, including, but not limited to, institutional kitchens.

TCT’s scope of work for this contract has included:

Preparation of estimates through design development and bidding, which includes:

  • Reviewing, confirming, and recommending revisions to the existing project documentation, including conceptual design documents and completed cost estimates.
  • Providing construction cost estimates organized into separate trade contracts required for the project.
  • Reviewing cost estimates submitted by any specialist consultants and CM
  • Advising on the accuracy of content, scope of work, and the pricing of the cost estimates submit-ted by specialist consultants and CMs at completion of design development
  • Reconciling the estimate with the estimate prepared by the Construction Manager
  • Assisting in contract negotiations with construction managers

    During construction:

  • Reviewing contract documents, including shop drawings and shop drawing modifications, to verify that materials are correctly estimated in change orders and that the A/E has approved them to be in accordance with the specifications
  • Reviewing associated MEP and structural engineering shop drawings that may be affected by change order work for coordination and verify that the A/E has approved any modifications.
  • Preparing estimates for change orders and support change order negotiations
  • Preparing draft A/E change recommendation letter for all change order work describing the necessity of the change and the cost amount for the A/E to review, edit and sign.
  • Bundling all supporting data for the change order file, which includes: pertinent contract drawing(s), specifications, shop drawings, site; photos, contractor time and material tickets
  • Prepare estimates as needed during closeout
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